OKWA NRI (food bowls)

Jones notes: ‘In addition to kola, a visitor should be offered food. This is reduced to a token meal in which the visitor is presented with a small piece of preserved meat (usually a piece of boiled hide). on this type of dish. He is expected to cut off a small piece of this on the cutting block, to add a protion of the sauce from the central hollow to it by dipping it in or by using an iron spoon and then to eat it.’ 

OKWA NZU (chalk bowls)

Jones notes: ‘If you wish to show that a stranger visiting your village is your guest and under your protection, you present him with a piece of chalk (local gypsum) which he takes and draws two white lines on his wrist and then returns. Big men have a special bowl (okwa) for this chalk (nzu).’

Other Igbo Cultural Artifacts